Jeff prost dating

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Jeff prost dating

This desperate grab at trying to paint Zeke as a deceitful and hiding truths didn't work out for Jeff though, and after being yelled at by the entire tribe, Survivor host Jeff Probst made the executive decision to boot Varner off the show.“In the moment, it felt like the right thing to do was accept his apology and say that we’d find a way to work it out, but I don’t really – I really struggle with forgiving him every day,” Zeke said to People.“I’ve had to think a lot about what forgiveness is. heads into its 29th season, which premieres tonight, the show’s bedimpled and perennially spry star Jeff Probst chatted with Bio about the ratings juggernaut he’s hosted since its debut in 2000.Still emotional while speaking with ET on Thursday, Varner said he and Smith made their peace in October."Zeke and I spoke in October and just hearing his voice was comforting, hearing his forgiveness was comforting, hearing that he believed both he and I were victims in some way was comforting," he shared -- though in a piece for , Smith said he still had trouble forgiving Varner.

" WATCH: Jeff Varner Says He's 'Profoundly Sorry' for Outing Zeke Smith as Transgender on 'Survivor': 'I Was Wrong' Varner first defended himself by saying he was a supporter of transgender rights, and that he assumed Smith was "out and loud and proud" about being trans to the outside world, before breaking down in tears, admitting that he never should have revealed that piece of information.

Jeff’s (simple but effective) advice: “Is there any way you could just have a super cool bowl and put your stuff in it?

” Watch the video above for more words of wisdom from Jeff!

Julie had reservations about coming forth with the relationship.

However, Probst came forward quickly after the Vanuatu's Season finale and told the world the truth."Nobody is more surprised than me that I could find my love affair on a show that I host," Probst told People magazine.

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"The LGBT community has enough to fight against today, we don't need to be fighting against each other." Varner, who didn't speak openly about his sexuality on the first two seasons he played , also says his boyfriend has been extremely supportive.

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