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(I'm 23 and already moved out.) We had no inkling that he was gay, although a lot of other people said they weren't surprised.

It would be an understatement to say the divorce is bitter—my mom is very angry with him and is undergoing therapy.

A blog about being an active larger girl in a thinner world via the individual yet universal sport of running. The latest podcast was the Runner's World Show with David Willey, who I got to meet IRL at the Runner's World 50th Anniversary Party in NYC. What a heady experience it was to talk to the Editor in Chief of Runner's World Magazine!

Ambassador for Skirtsports and Merrell, Swiftwick Athlete. For media/press kit, please contact [email protected] there's pandemonium in your life, go to the woods and play like a child fence-climbing in Brooklyn..listen to a podcast! I also got to meet Bart Yasso that night too...whew!

When she shared with him her diet plans for the new year, he told her, "If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight.

Lose some weight, why can't you take care of yourself. Older korean are more old fashion compare some younger Korean right now.

"A generation of mothers seem to have swallowed a dangerously misguided message of body acceptance; making them terrified of telling their daughters they're getting fat for fear they'll stop eating altogether It occurred to me that if these girls hated their bodies and were racked with self-loathing, as we're so often told that the majority of young women do and are, they were doing a grand job of projecting exactly the opposite impression.If there's any advice you can offer, that will be greatly appreciated, thanks.A: Your father's sexual orientation is not the issue; it's his sexual inappropriateness.CEO of Skirt Sports, and former pro-athlete, Nicole De Boom and I had a great conversation about the Health at Every Size Movement on her Run This World Podcast a few months ago in December.Listening to her podcast, I always appreciate her incredible insight and incisive commentary about well, everything.

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In this post, I've put them all on one page so if you ever want to have some company on a run, while you're cooking, or while you're driving that interminable drive home (or to a race), here's a start!

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