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Nicholas - Tone 4 The truth of thy deeds has revealed thee to thy flock as a rule of faith, an image of meekness and a teacher of abstinence; Thou has acquired greatness through humility and riches through poverty; O Father and Bishop Nicholas, intercede with Christ our God that our souls may be saved.Following weeks of scrupulous research, meticulous logistical planning and rigorous avoidance of proper work, we have gathered together some of the finest bar and drinking scenes ever committed to celluloid. LEES MEER Bezoekt u regelmatig een festival of concert?Vergeet dan vooral niet uw gehoor te beschermen met de juiste oordoppen en voorkom hiermee blijvende gehoorschade zodat u kunt blijven genieten van uw muziek.

Along with Jack Dorsey and a developer named Florian Webber, Glass pitched something called Twitter. He bought it – and its assets, including Twitter – back from Odeo investors. Writing that story, we managed to finally get a hold of Glass, who had not updated his Twitter, You Tube, or blog accounts in almost two years. At the same time, we were looking at 'groups' models and how groups were formed and put a couple things together to look at this idea of status and to look at this idea of grouping and it sort of hit me — the idea for this product. I could just pick it up and take it anywhere in the world. BI: That's when you wanted to spin Twitter off from Odeo? Noah Glass is the Twitter co-founder you've never heard of. Before that he was the co-founder of a startup called Odeo. BI: Tell me a little bit about the beginning of 2006 and how this thing got going. Investors were not really happy with what was going on. We had a certain amount of money and we had a team in place. I was looking at stuff like how people were communicating on My Space and other social networking things and seeing how people were trying to communicate and seeing how systems weren't really designed to do what people were doing with them. He started talking to me about this idea of status and how he was really interested in status. Maybe I would have done things slightly differently and that was one of the things Ev and I had a disagreement on early on, and I told him I would do things differently. The idea that police departments or fire departments are using it to give updates on the city, that was something we built into it in the very beginning as a concept. BI: You said you felt almost immediately that Twitter could go somewhere and be powerful. He'll write a paper on it, come back and say, "This is my opinion." He's very calculated.He had an investor who would become co-founder and CEO, Ev Williams. But then Apple launched i Tunes and everyone at Odeo panicked. He told Williams he wanted to spin it out of Odeo as its own company. To not be included in the story was hard to swallow at first, but when I realized what was happening to the product, this thing I helped create, the thing's not about me. Twitter is a phenomenon and a massively beneficial tool and it's incredibly useful and it helps a lot of people. Ev, who was CEO, was not really happy with the company with growth and the direction it was going. But people were trying to communicate in a certain kind of way. He developed this bicycle messenger status system in the past. This may be cliché to say, but when you speak truth to power, the ramifications can go a lot of different ways. Jack [Dorsey] was someone who was one of the stars of the company and I got the impression he was unhappy with what he was working on. He and I had become pretty close friends and were spending time together. Initially, the product was growing because of the social aspect between people. BI: Do you think he saw something valuable in Twitter before he bought it back from investors? Whereas he'll sit down, think about it, write it down, walk away.There was a moment when I was sitting with Jack and I said, "Oh, I do see how this could really come together to make something really compelling." We were sitting on Mission St. We were going out and I was dropping him off and having this conversation. BI: I've tried to reach him but he's difficult to reach. Whether or not there's individuals who get credit or don't get credit, that may be totally irrelevant. And it was almost a collaboration that came out of necessity. I put together a bare-bones team and kept it really separate and I ran it by Ev and the investors.

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