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Tantric singles dating

The practice helps people with self-acceptance, which can make them more ready to be in a relationship with someone else.

“If you show up in a relationship as an individual with a strong self-practice and good habits of self-care, then you will have more to give a potential partner.

They have already been there and done that, now it is eye-opening bonding of the greatest and most magical magnitude.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that depicts the weaving of man to woman and humanity to the divine.

If you suffer from poor self-esteem, depression, or anxiety, Tantra could be something for you.

Cameras and video equipment is not generally permitted in the workshop space.

IF THE VIDEO showing the workshop does not appear above, and you want to see it, you can view it on You Tube Jan's workshops offer a safe and nourishing space where you can explore the essence of human relationships.

In today’s age, we can leave out gender labeling and merely define it as, “two people whose sole purpose is to become one with God.” Tantra is the essential and deepest of lovemaking where all the senses of the root chakra are embraced to enlightenment.

This beautiful and whole practice is looking for transcendence through spiritual consciousness.

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re-discovering who you are when you give yourself permission to BE all that you are ... All the workshops provide an opportunity to learn to connect with your unique being and learn to create healthy, fulfilling and loving relationships.